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Australian Opal Cutters - “Secrets of Opal”
Australia produces 97% of the entire world’s opal and is our national gemstone and Australian Opal Cutters are a family business which has been operating for three generations.

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295-301 Pitt St SYDNEY, New South Wales, Australia 2000

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When you buy jewellery, you want to shop with someone who has an international reputation for providing exceptional opals and pearls at very affordable prices. You want someone who can provide high calibre stock at low prices, someone who buys in bulk, cuts and polishes from rough gem material, and sets opals at their own workshop. Their workshop is not a shop front, therefore the overheads are a fraction of the cost of running a shop front retail store. You will feel one hundred percent safe in the knowledge that you are making an informed decision on an investment that will bring lifetime of joy for you and your loved ones. Come and enjoy one of the largest opal ranges in the Southern hemisphere and learn about the hidden secrets of opals.

Australia produces 97% of the entire world’s opal and is our national gemstone. The black opal is the rarest and most valuable of its kind, selling at prices that rival the best diamonds, which by the way come in as only the 35th most valuable gemstone compared to black opal at the seventh most valuable. The very best black opal must have a rich, black background, while dark opal has base colours down through all shades of grey. Found in Lightning Ridge in north-western New South Wales, black opals are natural, solid precious gems that defract or bounce back scattered white light, giving out brilliant rainbows of spectral colours. This vibrant “play of colour” and the stone’s rareness give reason for are the factors for black opal’s high value.

Well, get ready to discover “secrets of opal” at Australian Opal Cutters! They are also proud to have designed and manufactured superb world-class pieces for the Royal Family which were commissioned by The Australian Monarchist League.

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3rd floor, 295-301 Pitt St, Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia

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